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Premium FA2.1Disk size L 375Wh
  • Categoria: Elétricas ; Quadro Fechado ; 2 velocidade ; motor frente
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Premium FA2.1Disk size L 375Wh


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This e-bike is made for in the city. Robust, comfortable and minimal maintenance. Thanks to the automatic gears, the A2.1 has the flexibility to easily reach high speeds. Design open chain closure makes it maintenance free.
Aluminium frame hand-made by one skilled man. Each frame is extensively tested for quality, rigidity and driving characteristics. The cabling has been removed by the frame and the weld seams have been cleaned using smooth welding. Finally, the handmade frame is further decorated with embedded logos and integrated cable guides for a luxurious look.
The 36V battery uses the same Li-ion NCM cell technology as the most modern electric cars. It is easily removable and has a USB connection. Thanks to the Smart BMS, the battery is readable. The battery is also equipped with One-Key ART approved security that protects the battery and the bike with the same key against theft.
The QWIC premium series are equipped with two-wheel drive. The powerful 36V ULF + engine support in the front wheel and steering wheel in the rear wheel ensure balanced weight distribution and comfortable driving behavior. This, together with the Schwalbe Energizer specially designed for electric bikes, provides perfect traction and grip in all circumstances. The acclaimed system offers a range of up to 160 km of bicycle pleasure on 1 battery charge ( upgraded from the standard 375Wh, 70km range battery).
The easy-to-use, advanced digital display of the A2.1D has 8 support modes, USB connector and an LCD illuminated display. The display has extensive features such as a tripmeter, walkassist, speedometer, smart repair, consumption meter and battery indication. The bike lights can also be operated from the display.

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