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Premium N7.1 size M open, Steel Blue 375Wh
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Opened Frame

Premium N7.1 size M open, Steel Blue 375Wh


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"The perfect seat position, rollerbrake braking in combination with 7 hub gears and a powerful engine makes the N7.1 a very comfortable electric bike. The adjustable handles and adjustable saddle and front fork suspension are perfect for easy adjusts. The closed chain cabinet ensures that the e-bike requires minimal maintenance. Ideal for commuting.
The QWIC Premium N7.1 is equipped with two-wheeldrive. The combination of the powerful 36V ULF+ motor in the frontwheel and the assistance in the rearwheel ensures a perfectly balanced weight and a comfort driving experience. Together with the Schwalbe Energizer tires the e-bike has perfect traction and grip on every surface.
The QWIC Premium N7.1 e-bike offers the possibility of three different batteries. Each battery stands for a wider range; 70 km, 110 km or 140 km. In addition, the rear light is incorporated into the battery, which, like the front light, can be controlled from the display.
The 36V battery uses the same Li-ion NCM cell technology as the most modern electric cars. It is easily removable and has a USB connection. Thanks to the Smart BMS, the battery is readable. The battery is also equipped with One-Key ART approved security that protects the battery and the bike with the same key against
The easy-to-use, advanced digital display of the N7.1 has 8 support modes, USB connector and a LCD display. The display has extensive features like a tripmeter, walkassist, speedometer, smart repair, consumption meter and battery indication. The bike lights, 30 lux led, can also be operated from the display."

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