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Qwic Performance MD10 open 525wh
  • Category: Eletric ; Opened Frame ; >7 sp ; mid engine
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Qwic Performance MD10 open 525wh


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"The Qwic Performance MD10 is a sporty ebike suitable for everyday use. The powerful mid mounted motor gives powerful assistance in combination with the large range of gears delivered a lovely and light riding experience.

-Powerful and Silent 90Nm Brose mid mounted motor
-Battery integrated in the downtube
-Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes
-Shimano SLX10 derailleur
-Bush&Muller 40lux LED lights
-Double suspension front fork with lock-out function
- 3 programs, 8 levels of assistance with centered high-end digital display
-525Wh battery can be upgraded to 735Wh
-Up to 200km radius depending on the battery ( upgrade up to 735Wh , fitted with 575Wh- 135 max range)
-USB port

The very powerfull and silent mid- drive motor produces a torque of up to 90Nm. The engine is equipped with hardened steel precision transmission. This offers optimum service life and reliability and is silent as a fox.
The low position of the engine at the crankshaft provides optimal weight distribution and vibration-free support.
The advanced mid-engine is controlled by different intelligent sensors. The seamless integration of strength, rotation and speed sensors resuls in an spectacular intuitive support, translated from your driving

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